Sunday, July 24, 2011

Accessorizing for the Steam Ball

Any lady will likely agree that wardrobe and accessories are of great importance.

I've got the Steam Ball at Authors After Dark to prepare for and I'm looking forward to wearing fabulous jewelry from Dark Side Customs. For example, I have a custom torc very similar to this one.

My dashing escort will be sporting his first in steampunk accessories as well, a gentleman's ring very similar to the one shown here.

Are you jealous yet?

No need. Dark Side Customs will have a table at the Steam Ball at AAD Philly on August 13th, open to the public for $20 admission, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Philadelphia just down the street from City Hall.

In fact, you'll find all of the ladies of the Library Eternal at Author's After Dark in Philly and you might consider stopping by earlier in the afternoon for the book signing, also open to the public at 2pm. No admission fee.

I do love to play "find the PJ" after all. ;)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UPdate from Stella...

Sorry Im a bit behind. Ill have awesome pictures for you all soon on here... But heres one from my birthday. Dress, as it says, is from chicstar....

Pretty right? Well Ill have a ton coming up from the photo shoot and all with the girls... so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Roots, the branches, the pesky leaves

So, as some of you may know, The Library Eternal made an appearance at the Steampunk World's Fair this past weekend.  Aside from some lack-of-permits-related-mayhem.  I think I can say we all enjoyed ourselves.   The musical guests were fantastic, the costumes astounding, the chances to drop $300 dollars in one merch booth ample, and the company more than pleasurable.

However, I do have one complaint.  The complete disconnect between what is steampunk now, where steampunk came from, and where steampunk is going.  I'm not saying this should have been a panel, although I think it would be a very appropriate one, I'm saying I didn't see enough of what SHOULD have been at the Steampunk World's Fair.  For the record, I also had this issue with Faeriecon, so I'm not just sticking it to the STWF planners.  This is an issue that tends to plague a number of conventions.

Perhaps I'm just spoiled by going to too many Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions, but I'm used to a strong track of panels and discussions.  I like talking about literature.  I like talking about media.  I like meeting people who know a thing or two about both.  Mostly, I think it's important to realize that Steampunk is like horror in the fact that it can really be retrofitted to function in any genre.  Right now, if Steampunk were a tree, literature would be the roots, media would be the farthest reaching branches, and the fashion industry would be all those leaves that blow into worlds unknown.

I'm not saying there wasn't ANY of this.  There was, just not enough and it made my heart a little bit sad.  Lets look at it this way, I am an author, I went to the convention and hung out with my author friends.  Besides the signings and the readings, most of them were on one panel...the same one.  Usually these authors have a chance to be on at least three panels.  It's important because not only do the readers of steampunk literature (which isn't a small group, ladies and gentlemen) get to learn about a wealth of literature that they may not have ever known about, but they get to talk about it with people who are just as geeked out about it as they are.  PLUS, it allows authors to get their name out there and sell some books.  Win win.

True story:  On the last day I went to a panel that wasn't about literature and ended up sitting next to one of my favorite authors.  She'd been there all weekend and hadn't been on a panel or done a signing.  I had no idea she was even there.  Now, she may have done this on purpose, but most authors I know will take the opportunity to reach out to potential readers when they get the chance.  I'm going to say that she either didn't know she could be on a panel or hadn't wanted to because there weren't any panels for her to be on.  

Perhaps we should allow people to volunteer for panels when they register next year?  I mean, you don't have to be famous to know something about the genre, some fans are highly intelligent.  I've met some really awesome nobodies just because they were on panels about things they were interested in.  The fans want to talk too!

Some ideas for next year might include: "Supernaturals in the Steampunk Genre," "The Steampunk Classics," "What Makes a Steampunk Novel," and "Who is Reading Steampunk."

Besides that there a a TON of series and movies with steampunk influence.  Yes, there were some movies being shown, but they were making their debut.  What about what's already out there?  Here's an idea:  Get a room put a projector in it and air steampunk anime 24/7.  It's not like there's a shortage of that and it gives people something to do besides standing around and clogging the halls.  Plus it's anime and I love anime :)

Finally, with practically everyone in costume, I'm surprised there wasn't a panel on how steampunk is influencing the fashion industry...maybe there was and I just wasn't looking...

Anyway, those are some ideas that might help to improve any convention no matter what the genre is.  We have to think outside the box and really examine how one genre movement can influence many different areas.  It's like that swarm of bees in Africa causing a tsunami in Japan.  Connections people, we don't live in a vacuum.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Character Inspirations: Toby

Meet the inspiration for Toby of Evie's Gift, a little mechanical beastie that can change shape (a la Transformers) from wrist watch to hair ornament to buckle to little itty bitty squirrel-type thingy.

Sugar Glider (Australian Flying Squirrel)

When I was writing Evie's Gift, I had my old college companion in my mind's eye. She was a Sugar Glider and happy to sit on the front of my baseball cap as I studied, her little tail curled down around my ear. She'd chirp little helpful things as I typed. She'd also take advantage of the safety of a hamster ball to run down my roommate's cat.


There's quite a lot of personality packed into those tiny little bodies. They're also predators, never forget it. They're so cute, many people think that's all they are. There are stories of people who have sugar gliders, and combine them with other animals. Unfortunately, if you combine them with something like hamsters, or even little quail, you may find that the sugar gliders have...invited their roommates for dinner. O.O

They do glide, by the way. They are like tiny furry kites. My Toby doesn't fly like the real thing, but he can leap impressive distances via steam power.


Another thing to know about these little marsupials is that they have opposable thumbs. They're little houdinis when it comes to escaping cages and those little thumbs allow them to manipulate the darndest things. Toby, the mechanical character, can do the same.

Because of Evie and her particular gift, Toby is finely attuned to Evie's biometrics, reacting to her moods and temperament. He plays an integral role in the story and I think readers might be surprised and entertained by the upcoming shenanigans of this miniature character in the upcoming sequel too. ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Week in Wonderful.

Okay. So, today I'm sharing some things that were wonderful about this week.

First, some Steampunk wonderful. I'd like to have one of my own...Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady. Kitties and Steampunk? It's like I've died and gone to Meow-Mix heaven.

"My Robot Cat" by MaximChiasson on DeviantArt.

Then some faerie wonderful. Three cheers for this little guy because the faeries in the Hill Dweller Series are so like this one! This is no Victorian era Tinker Bell, and I like it that way!

"Filbert V" by deadgods on DeviantArt. This artist, in addition to having a ton of talent with Sculpey clay, also has some wonderfully wacked out art, so I'm now following her.

Hello hot stuff! Can I touch him, please?

The most romantic thing you can do for your anniversary? If you're married to me, take me go see Thor. Let's just say I LOVE Norse mythology. Lets also say, that I have no small aversion to hot, muscular men (especially when they have their shirts off). Let's also add the fact that I have a lady crush on Natalie Portman. I think it's safe to say I enjoyed this movie. Although...Loki should be hotter. Like hot in a snakish sort of way. And yes, ask Lady Dagmar. Snakes are SSSexy, LOL.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to the Library Eternal!

Hello and welcome to the Library Eternal! What exactly IS the Library Eternal? A group blog of 4 fun paranormal authors (Dagmar Avery, A.L. Davroe, Leanna Renee Hieber and PJ Schnyder) sure to keep you entertained... and if we dont please tell us LOL.

TLE will have posts 8 times a month, 2 times a month for each author. What can you expect here? Posts on our books, the events we do, the photo shoots we do and of course, anything we are obsessed with. For some of us, thats music, others fashion, and still others, MMA fighting. We dont judge, and we dont worry...

So thank you for reading the inaugural post. I know you will LOVE hanging out with us here! So please Follow our blog... and I even have incentive! Yes! A week from today I will pick someone out of our followers and comments to win a special piece of jewelry from my Stella By Starlight line.

And we are celebrating today! Leanna Renee Heiber's New book, the Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess is out today! Rejoice because it is one hell of a story and any fans of Leanna's works would be poorer for not reading it RIGHT AWAY! So hit your book store and help great books stay on shelves!

Well thats it for me today! Im sure you will get welcomes from all the rest of the girls today or later this week! Im off to Yoga~