Lady Davroe

Lady Davroe (A.L. Davroe) is an up and coming author whose interests range from Steampunk to paranormal to epic fantasy. Along with taking over the world, her more mundane goals include becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author, fulfilling a rather personal vendetta against the human fight or flight response, and getting sucked into an alternate dimension. Until she fulfills these goals, she carries out a humble existence in Connecticut where she works at an archive and lives with her husband and two feline hench-creatures. Her weaknesses include Cadbury mini eggs, wolves, religious mythology, and attractive gypsies.
Though you can’t read her work yet, Lady Davroe hopes to be published in many fiction genres spanning over both the YA and adult markets. But for now, she is focused on working with her literary agent to sell her YA paranormal romance, Scar-Crossed.