Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Week in Wonderful.

Okay. So, today I'm sharing some things that were wonderful about this week.

First, some Steampunk wonderful. I'd like to have one of my own...Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady. Kitties and Steampunk? It's like I've died and gone to Meow-Mix heaven.

"My Robot Cat" by MaximChiasson on DeviantArt.

Then some faerie wonderful. Three cheers for this little guy because the faeries in the Hill Dweller Series are so like this one! This is no Victorian era Tinker Bell, and I like it that way!

"Filbert V" by deadgods on DeviantArt. This artist, in addition to having a ton of talent with Sculpey clay, also has some wonderfully wacked out art, so I'm now following her.

Hello hot stuff! Can I touch him, please?

The most romantic thing you can do for your anniversary? If you're married to me, take me go see Thor. Let's just say I LOVE Norse mythology. Lets also say, that I have no small aversion to hot, muscular men (especially when they have their shirts off). Let's also add the fact that I have a lady crush on Natalie Portman. I think it's safe to say I enjoyed this movie. Although...Loki should be hotter. Like hot in a snakish sort of way. And yes, ask Lady Dagmar. Snakes are SSSexy, LOL.

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