Sunday, July 24, 2011

Accessorizing for the Steam Ball

Any lady will likely agree that wardrobe and accessories are of great importance.

I've got the Steam Ball at Authors After Dark to prepare for and I'm looking forward to wearing fabulous jewelry from Dark Side Customs. For example, I have a custom torc very similar to this one.

My dashing escort will be sporting his first in steampunk accessories as well, a gentleman's ring very similar to the one shown here.

Are you jealous yet?

No need. Dark Side Customs will have a table at the Steam Ball at AAD Philly on August 13th, open to the public for $20 admission, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Philadelphia just down the street from City Hall.

In fact, you'll find all of the ladies of the Library Eternal at Author's After Dark in Philly and you might consider stopping by earlier in the afternoon for the book signing, also open to the public at 2pm. No admission fee.

I do love to play "find the PJ" after all. ;)


  1. PJ. You are simply amazing. Thank you for being a supporter and a fabulous human being.

    Much love to you,


  2. Cool concept site!

    If any or all of the ladies of The Library Eternal would like to do my PICK SIX interview series, it would be cool to do a week devoted to steampunk authors. If you're interested, please email me at heidirubymiller AT gmail.